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2 May 2023
Florencia Calluso asume como nueva Directora Comercial en ShowHeroes Argentina
19 April 2023
ShowHeroes Group anuncia su expansión a Asia con la adquisición de iVS
19 April 2023
ShowHeroes Group maakt vandaag de overname van Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) bekend. Door de overname betreedt de ShowHeroes Group de markt in meerdere landen waaronder Indonesië, Japan, Maleisië, de Filipijnen, Thailand en Singapore.

ShowHeroes group LATEST


ShowHeroes stellt ein neues Videoformat für CTV vor: Voice Command Branded Player
Germany / 23 May 2023
ShowHeroes lanciert den Voice Command Branded Player für CTV in Deutschland und in UK. Damit verfolgt das Unternehmen seine Strategie zur Entwicklung von High-Engagement-Formaten weiter. Dieses Mal für den Bereich CTV mit dem Launch des Voice Command Branded Player.
ShowHeroes introduces new video format for Connected TV: Voice Command Branded Player
UK / 23 May 2023
ShowHeroes continues its development of engaging ad formats in the connected TV environment with the launch of Voice Command Branded Player. Delivered exclusively on the big screen,CTV, a Voice Command Branded Player is an actionable TV ad which includes a text element with a custom audio command. CTV viewers can use this voice command (e.g., "Alexa, open the new summer collection") to activate their smart assistant to access more information about products or services, obtain a voucher or receive a message via their personal phone or email.
Juan Carlos Valdés joins ShowHeroes Group as Country Manager Mexico
Mexico / 18 May 2023
ShowHeroes, a global leader in digital video, offering content, tech, and advertising solutions, has signed Juan Carlos Valdés to assume the position of Country Manager Mexico for ShowHeroes Group.


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