Showheroes Group


Join our female Heroes on their leadership journey. The video series interviews our management team who share their strengths and advice for other young women looking to succeed in their professional careers. Personal interviews and clips shed light onto how each woman is inspired, and how ShowHeroes Group is laying the groundwork to uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women’s day special

International Women’s Day is reinforced everyday here at ShowHeroes Group. Dive into our interviews with Stefanie Leonardi, Lilian Prado, Estefanía Agüero, Tanya Priyank, Gabriela Prado, and Sarah Lewis. We discuss inspiration, the importance of representation in positions of power, and the importance of gender equity and equality.


Every woman has her own professional journey to share. Discover our talks with Estefanía Agüero, Tanya Priyank, Dalia Blei, Lilian Prado, Anni Rohrmann, Stefanie Leonardi, Gabriela Prado, Sarah Lewis, Hanne-Li Lundmark, Raquel Baranda, and Irbe Zolneroviča. They share how they started at ShowHeroes Group and where they are today.