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DE&I Dialogues

We spend a good amount of time at our jobs. It’s a place where we have the possibility to form strong relationships, learn, and grow professionally. But that can look different for each individual according to their needs. We expect an environment where we’re recognised for our efforts and talents. We desire a place where our diverse perspectives are respected and embraced, leading to innovation and organisational success. It requires effort, because the professional status–quo has long been exclusionary.


Our three-part series, “DE&I Dialogues”, highlights the systemic changes and everyday efforts needed to make our work environment welcoming, equitable and empowering, no matter your race, gender, age, ability, or class. In our discussions, we uncover and break down various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how to apply each with empathy and enthusiasm.


We hope you’re inspired to help make your workplace a place where everyone can thrive!


As anyone who’s ever felt singled out in a meeting room because of their background, diversity (or the unfortunate lack of it) has a huge impact on people’s advancement and the success of an organization. But the conversation shouldn’t stop there!

The team discusses the benefits of diversity in more detail, from perspectives to team happiness, and ask, “how is diversity ensured within our teams?”


Treating everyone equally is a virtue that falls short in the workplace because the same approach doesn’t fit for everyone.

The team explores equity: how to ensure that everyone receives the right resources in order to flourish and reverse cultures built to maintain privileges.


When the effort is put in for inclusion, work can be a second home, creating a culture where we feel comfortable and confident while also delivering personal and professional results. Inclusion ensures that everyone feels valued and, more importantly, adds value.

What’s the best approach to achieving inclusion? The team discusses mindset and practicalities.