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4 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z Effectively
Marketing to Gen Z can feel riddled with invisible barriers. Here are four essential tips to bear in mind!
MediaMath’s Bankruptcy: An Industry Turning Point
MediaMath, a demand-side platform (DSP) once valued at over a billion dollars, recently announced bankruptcy – here’s a run-down of what happened, how the industry is changing to prevent a repeat event, and how you can protect yourself in the future.
Brand Safety and Transparency in Video Advertising
Here’s how ShowHeroes delivers digital advertising that adheres to IAB standards and respects user privacy without compromising performance, offering a fully-transparent, brand-safe ecosystem that benefits advertisers, publishers, and consumers.
Celebrating Pride in Advertising Year-Round
‘Pinkwashing’ in advertising, similar to its climate-change counterpart ‘greenwashing’, superficially supports LGBTQIA+ people for profit. Here's a guide to avoiding it.
How Generative AI Will Change Digital Advertising
We’re looking at how generative AI will influence content generation – specifically, images and video – and how ShowHeroes and other digital advertising companies are positioning themselves with this technology for the future.
5 Concerns About AI in Marketing
We’re looking at 5 concerns that need to be talked about for AI in marketing: privacy, copyright, search engine ad placements, ad inventory, and job security.
ShowHeroes ESG Activities: Food Packing in Berlin
As part of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, the ShowHeroes Berlin team went on a trip to help sort and pack food waste in one of the city’s surplus food redistribution centers.
Why IAB’s Updated Definition of Video Ads Is Making Waves
The IAB Tech Lab's new classifications of instream and outstream advertising, centred around sound being turned on or off, are short-sighted.
ShowHeroes Strengthens Its Presence in Spain
ShowHeroes is strengthening its position in Spain with new high-level appointments for the Spanish market.