ShowHeroes Group Success Stories: Laurène Deecke

We don’t just celebrate our achievements as a company – we celebrate our achievements as individuals, too.


We measure our individual successes by the growth we make professionally and personally.


Our Success Stories series champions individual employees who’ve come a long way. We hope they’ll serve as an inspiration for you and your own story!


This time, we had a chat with Laurène Deecke, Head of Publishers & Partnerships France.


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What do you do here at Showheroes Group?

I manage the Supply and Partnerships department at Showheroes for the French market. I’m in charge of both growing our publishers portfolio and keeping our existing publishers happy.


I’m also responsible for managing the content production flow for France to make our video marketplace better and bigger, to provide the best content for our partners.



Tell us about your role. What does the day-to-day involve?

The usual day-to-day involves numerous different tasks, which is something I really love about my job.


A classic day starts with analyzing delivery data on the whole French inventory to detect any growth or anomalies and take appropriate actions. Then it’s all about managing our key accounts with the deepest care.


A typical day also involves direct management with members of my team, defining where we are and what we want to achieve in the short and medium term.


Every day is also about finding new business opportunities for Showheroes on the French market, including exchanges with other key departments in the company such as Ops, Sales, and Marketing.



What did you do prior to your career here?

I was working in the tech industry for quite a few years, developing advertising businesses with publishers in various EMEA regions.



What made you decide to join ShowHeroes Group?

I always loved working in the adtech industry, especially on the seller side. However, I was looking for a company that would be willing to give me higher responsibilities on strategic decisions to grow a market, and for management opportunities at the same time.


Showheroes took me on in 2020 and I’m proud to be a part of their success – we’re growing a little more every day.



Biggest takeaway from the past few years?

Never give up. As we used to say, success often takes the stairs! It’s important to keep the grit to overcome every obstacle you’ll be confronted with.


Also, be curious! It’s a passionate and always changing industry where you need to continuously stay on top of things.



What do you enjoy the most about working at ShowHeroes Group?

I really enjoy all the topics and challenges I have to deal with everyday in order to grow the business in France. It’s a never-ending job where you can always set higher new goals and define new strategies to reach them.


I also love working in a company that is growing so quickly! New countries, new solutions for our partners – it’s really exciting to be part of a company that is always evolving like ShowHeroes.


Last but not least, what I love about my job at ShowHeroes are my colleagues (in France and abroad) that are making this journey so special. I am surrounded by brilliant, nice, fun and crazy people who constantly give me the will to improve myself.



Describe ShowHeroes Group in three words…

Ambitious, growing, crazy.



What’s your top life hack?

A TO DO LIST – always – every day.



What advice would you give to someone Just starting out?

See your career as a marathon, not a sprint.



What motivates you when coming to work each day?

The industry I work in and which I’m passionate about, my job and business goals I want to achieve, and my colleagues who make this journey so special.



If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to

After thinking a lot about this question, no name came, I guess I’m happy being me ✨