ShowHeroes’ ESG Activities: Tree Planting and Team Building

Our Berlin team connected with nature in a very literal way

Sustainability is all about planting seeds – or in this case, saplings. Our actions and decisions today will make or break the future.


To develop mindfulness, our ShowHeroes Berlin team went on a trip to work the ground and plant trees – more than just a symbolic gesture, it was about connecting with the ground we rely on for our food, air, and shelter.

Check out our teamwork here!

Learning the ropes

NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) is Germany’s oldest and largest environment association, and the NABU nature experience center is set in an idyllic nature reserve in Angermünde.


There, our Berlin team got directions from their resident gardener to help plant and maintain trees in the reserve. Dressed more for the office than for the great outdoors, it took some warming up – but the hard work got done!

After the trees were planted, there was maintenance work to be done – as it turns out, this is where the most sweat is produced. The invasive species robinia pseudoacacia, otherwise known as black locust, needs to be routinely ripped out of the ground.

Our team’s office-trained muscles felt the burn!

Part of a larger ESG and sustainable efforts

Building environmental mindfulness is only a part of our environmental initiative. We take a holistic approach to our environmental effort and believe that everyone involved with our company needs to be on board for this to work – from our individual employees down to our clients.


That’s why we’ve been helping our clients decarbonize and offset their campaigns with ShowHeroes Green Media. By partnering with the carbon-measurement masterminds at Scope3, we help our clients measure their advertising campaign’s carbon footprint. Their emissions are then offset with a range of carbon removal projects, from reforestation to carbon capture, to biochar, and more.


We take our responsibility seriously. Having fun planting trees and cleaning up the local river is a part of that – working together with our clients and the rest of the industry to achieve carbon-neutral advertising is the other.