How Generative AI Will Change Digital Advertising

Generative AI is evolving at a spectacular rate, and conversations about the effect it’ll have on digital advertising are becoming more important by the minute.


We’ve already covered the AI landscape for digital marketing and advertising and looked cautiously at potential industry concerns. For this post, we’re looking at how generative AI will influence content generation – specifically, images and video – and how ShowHeroes and other digital advertising companies are positioning themselves with this technology for the future.



It seems that in this current AI boom, each passing week brings us closer to what was recently unthinkable.


AI generated still images are becoming not only more photorealistic but more useful for creatives – a great example of that is Photoshop’s generative fill feature, which makes extremely powerful graphic creation an absolute breeze for even Photoshop amateurs.


AI-generated video is also no longer a pipe dream, but something quickly approaching tangible and useful reality. Working in tandem, NVIDIA and WPP announced they are developing a content engine capable of putting 3D representations of brand products in virtually unlimited scenes and surroundings – it’s not at the level of generating full videos out of prompts, but that future now seems not only plausible but near.


In our blog post on the concerns about AI in advertising, we outlined the still murky waters of licensing and copyright issues in image and video generation. The legal boundaries are still being drawn, and some outlets recommend exercising caution while the issue is finalized.


On top of copyright issues, certain governments are moving to curb generative AI tools, potentially with cut-and-dry bans, on the basis of preventing misinformation. At the time of writing, OpenAI may be forced out of Europe entirely pending new EU legislation. How available generative AI will be for the industry, and in what form, remains to be seen – however, it’s extremely unlikely to be entirely frozen out.



Generative AI gearing up to be a much larger part of digital advertising across the industry than it is today, which is why at ShowHeroes Group, AI is a core part of our business model.


As a video advertising provider, we’re no strangers to AI and utilize it in our SemanticHero contextual targeting technology. We’ve also been quick to embrace generative AI for brainstorming and writing assistance, and we’re keeping a keen eye on the technology’s quick developments for our next steps.


A commitment to incorporating new AI technologies will underpin our Better Media Framework: we’ll be looking at how AI can benefit our clients with more engaging advertising, our employees with improved workflows, and the planet with heightened sustainability.


One of the most immediate ways that AI generation can help sustainability is by producing more attention-grabbing advertising which, when combined with attention measurement, can ensure that more is achieved with less impressions – resulting in less energy waste.


While AI technology will be an equalizer for the industry’s digital advertising producers, a human creative edge will remain valuable. Our professionals at ShowHeroes Studios will continue to be champions of human creativity, whether the tools they’re using are camera, AI generators, or a combination of both.