ShowHeroes presents Native CTV, its new premium video content solution for Connected TV.

Berlín, 17th January 2023 – ShowHeroes, a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions, continues its development in the connected TV environment.

Following a successful launch in early 2022 in the company’s core markets, Germany and the United Kingdom, Native CTV will now be available in France, Austria, Spain, and the Netherlands. It consists of a video content piece to play directly before the advertiser’s video ad. It engages the user, draws their attention to the screen and ensures they are primed to watch the succeeding ad.

Native CTV creates a highly controlled and brand-suitable environment on the big screen. Adding this custom-tailored creative product to the palette for connected TV strengthens ShowHeroes foothold as a CTV ad solution provider going into 2023.

The backbone of Native CTV is ShowHeroes Studios, the content production arm of ShowHeroes Group, which creates bespoke, professionally produced, 10/15-second content pieces. Native CTV clips take campaign subjects and brand messages into account.

“With Native CTV we are able to offer an unprecedented CTV solution in the European market. The most relevant and seamless content environment secures the user’s attention to the advertising message on the screen and will yield the best campaign results”, says Sarah Lewis, Global Director CTV. “With our contextual targeting solution SemanticHero, we can find content that is advertiser-friendly, but with Native CTV we take it one step further by creating on-demand content that is incorporated natively for a perfect match with the advertising message. We put full control into the hands of the brand.”

Hanne Lundmark, Global Editorial Director at ShowHeroes Studios, adds: “With our skilled team of videographers, designers, animators, and illustrators at ShowHeroes Studios we are able to provide fast and scalable media solutions across all screens. With Native CTV we are bringing all our expertise on engaging short form video content - a core asset of ShowHeroes from the very beginning - to the TV landscape.”

“This is just the beginning of building our diverse set of CTV products which cater to our clients’ needs around creative excellence and data-driven advertising,” comments Sarah Lewis.  “The top industry shift for 2023 is incorporating CTV as the main ingredient to a big screen advertising strategy instead of complimenting linear TV spending with it. Rightfully so, in the UK alone 67% of advertisers are cutting back on linear TV investment.”

CTV is the preferred entertainment platform across Europe with 80% of users preferring it to linear TV. This is among the findings of the CTV study “Why CTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy” released by ShowHeroes in May 2022. The research also revealed that the principle, well-known in online video advertising, applies to the CTV space, too: context is key. 67% of users say they would prefer to watch ads that are relevant to the content they’re watching.

According to IAB, CTV ad spending worldwide is expected to grow by 14.4% in 2023. To capitalize on that growth to its fullest extent, marketers will need to leverage contextual advertising, which is where Native CTV offers an effective solution.

“We are more than happy to test Native CTV on the DE market as it gives us full control over the environment in which our ads appear. It will most likely become an integral part of our strategy for connected TV. The production process of the content clip to run before the ad was almost effortless on our end with excellent proposals by the ShowHeroes Studios team” says Sabine Drechsel, Head of Marketing/PR at masterplan media.