ShowHeroes Group Announces its Better Media Framework, Enforcing Sustainability Standards Across its Value Chain from 2023

Berlin, 29 November 2022ShowHeroes Group, a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions, announces its new Better Media Framework for its core brand, ShowHeroes. In an industry-first move, ShowHeroes is holding the digital ecosystem accountable by committing to only working with partners who align and adhere to the Better Media principles going into 2023.


“ShowHeroes is holding everyone in the whole value chain accountable for their impact on the future. We need to all be in this together, which is why we’re serious about upholding these standards,” says Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group. “Choosing to work only with partners who meet these standards is a big commitment, but we need to make it happen to reach a future we can all thrive in. It’s imperative that we come together as an industry to secure our environment, people’s privacy, and diversity. Fostering sustainability isn’t something that any company, however dedicated, can do on its own.”


Building on ShowHeroes Group’s core values, Better Media serves as a roadmap to structure and guide the company’s efforts in digital sustainability. It enables the brand to continue producing outstanding results for its publishers, advertisers, and end users, while positively impacting the environment, local communities, employees, and the wider world.


This is achieved by prioritizing four main pillars: sustainable media, data ethics, the company’s environmental footprint, and diversity, equity, and inclusion:



The Better Media approach upholds and facilitates sustainable media thanks to ShowHeroes’ premium publisher network. These direct and long-lasting relationships with hand-picked partners represent diverse and local voices that share the same Better Media ethos. Being a co-publisher to them, ShowHeroes exemplifies editorial excellence through global and local journalism from reliable information and entertainment sources and adheres to the same standards when it comes to its in-house video and content production units.



Further, ShowHeroes is committed to applying its ethical, privacy, and social standards across all of its markets. An ethical approach to data collection and use is cemented with ShowHeroes’ cookieless and contextual targeting technology, SemanticHero. Its AI-driven, semantic targeting mechanism delivers value and relevance for users, publishers, and advertisers alike, without harvesting personal data or applying user profiling and remarketing tactics. User data is protected at every step of the entire value chain. Viewability, brand safety, and brand suitability as well as ad quality are measured and verified through long-term partnerships with MOAT, IAS, DoubleVerify, and Adalyser.



The company’s efforts to compensate and minimize its environmental footprint are being tracked and optimized thanks to two essential partnerships with carbon measurement and management platforms: with Cedara, ShowHeroes Group is measuring its operational carbon footprint; with Scope3, ShowHeroes is helping partners take action to decarbonize the broader ecosystem via Green Media campaigns. Furthermore, implementing server scaling as well as highly compressed and adaptive video streams reduces unnecessary bandwidth and resource usage.



Diversity, equity, and inclusion principles shape ShowHeroes’ culture, operations, and client relationships, as well as social involvement activities. A culture of transparency and acceptance through open communication and awareness initiatives is actively fostered on a day-to-day basis, while gender equality and female leadership is prioritized.


ShowHeroes creates diverse and inclusive content according to the highest journalistic standards. Collaborating with its global partners and clients, the brand is committed to producing authentic content that resonates with all people and cultures while ultimately benefiting the end users. Additionally, special ad formats that raise donations for charities together with advertising clients are offered as part of the ShowHeroes product portfolio.



“At ShowHeroes, we actively implement our core values in all of our relationships, operations, and partnerships,” says Tanya Priyank, Director of International Growth & Better Media at ShowHeroes Group. “Our Better Media Framework builds on these established values with the goal of setting standards that balance people, planet, and profit for the whole industry. This needs to be an industry-wide effort, which is why it goes far beyond us here at ShowHeroes.”


More information about ShowHeroes’ Better Media Framework and its effects on advertisers, publishers, and users can be found at

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