August 4, 2022

ShowHeroes Group Success Stories: Mathieu Le Marre, Team Lead Sales FR

Employee Success Stories: An inside look at ShowHeroes Group

Individual growth is a big deal for us.

Working at ShowHeroes isn’t all about growing the company – it’s also about helping yourself grow, professionally and personally. 

Our Success Stories series champions individual employees who’ve come a long way. We hope they’ll serve as an inspiration for you and your own story!

For Episode 4 we had a chat with Mathieu, Team Lead Sales in our French team.

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What do you do here at Showheroes Group?

I’m Team Lead Sales in ShowHeroes’ Demand Sales Team for the French Market, managing a team of 8 (including the Sales Manager, Account Manager and Ad ops Manager). Our team’s main goal is to propose our OLV and CTV video solutions to media agencies and brands throughout France.

Tell us about your role. What does the day-to-day involve?

Before joining ShowHeroes, I had various experiences in both media agencies (KR Wavemaker) as well as two different media companies, M6 & Webedia. I’ve always liked the media and digital advertising environment – I did my studies and internship in the field and was fascinated from the start.

What made you decide to join ShowHeroes Group?

I decided to join for three main reasons:

> Firstly, I was taken by ShowHeroes’ positioning and ambition in the video industry. The company was created by passionate entrepreneurs who’ve really succeeded in building a unique corporate culture.

> Secondly, I wanted the challenge. I started working for ShowHeroes over two and a half years ago, shortly after Jean-Philippe had opened the French office – at the time, ShowHeroes wasn’t known in France, so developing the French market was a thrilling challenge to take on.

> Thirdly, the company’s internationality. I wanted to work in an international environment and meet and work with people from other countries to share cultures and expertise.

Biggest takeaways from the past few years?

Be patient, never give up, and always believe in what you do.
We launched the French side of the business in 2020 and had to face the Covid pandemic head-on. Today, we’re still growing and have achieved some really great success stories with our clients. At the time, few believed in contextual & cookieless digital advertising solutions – ShowHeroes has been the first actor to develop the technology!

It’s all paying off even more today, as the whole market is looking for these solutions.

Tell us about your role. What does the day-to-day involve?

There isn’t really such a thing as a “typical day” for a sales team lead. My morning is often dedicated to meetings or calls with media agencies or clients, while lunchtime is sometimes reserved for lunches with these same clients. The rest of the day is usually dedicated to team topics, things such as offer creation, or action plan presentations.

In general, my job is to support my team in their various areas. I also work daily with Jean Philippe on our strategy for the coming months and quarters to reach our objectives.

What do you enjoy the most about working at ShowHeroes Group?

The team spirit. My colleagues are great and always ready to laugh and party – but most importantly, ready to reach our revenue target each month! There’s a private joke in the French team that I enjoy working with Jean Philippe, our Country Manager, as he always has a positive spirit and makes lots of funny (or not funny, depending on the topic) jokes.

Describe ShowHeroes Group in three words…

Family, crazy, growth.

What motivates you about coming to work each day?

The challenge and my colleagues. We work hard together in a friendly atmosphere to make ShowHeroes a major player in France’s video advertising market.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to be?

That's a really good question… But I’d have say nobody else. Why? Because I’m happy in my life 😉

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