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ShowHeroes’ Global Programmatic Consultancy team is our programmatic hub, driving our programmatic business development and platform strategy as well as being the point of contact for programmatic partners (SSPs and DSPs).


The GPC is led by Amanda Cohrs, Global Head Programmatic Consultancy, and Pia Radeler, Junior Business Development Manager. They’re now taking the next step for improving our programmatic expertise by building up and leading our Programmatic Force.


Amanda Cohrs,
Global Head of Programmatic Consultancy.
Hamburg, DE.

Pia Radeler

Pia Radeler,
Junior Business Development Manager.
Berlin, DE

A force to be reckoned with

The Programmatic Force team is made up of over 20 of our in-house programmatic experts. It’s a diverse coalition of everyone from local programmatic sales managers to ad operations specialists.


The team’s goal is that every ShowHeroes regional market around the world has their own dedicated programmatic ambassador, for both internal units and external demand partners. Ambassadors also keep their local demand sales and adops teams updated with relevant updates and function as consultants for programmatic challenges.


Despite being located in different regions around the world, the Programmatic Force team also works as a singular unit, sharing and learning from insights and experiences gained in different regional markets. That brings our understanding and execution of hot topics such as walled gardens, agency marketplaces, and transparency to new heights.

How the ShowHeroes Programmatic Force can help

Generic programmatic insights are intrinsically connected with market-relevant topics. That’s why our Programmatic Force ambassadors have the best overviews for supporting problem-solving in deal-troubleshooting and communicating in all directions.


The ambassadors keep their local sales and adops teams updated with relevant updates and function as consultants for programmatic challenges.

Sharing the knowledge

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why the Programmatic Force will be organizing and hosting workshops for the benefit of the entire programmatic chain – internally and externally, for colleagues, clients, and partners.

With everyone in the ecosystem having a strong understanding of the most important programmatic topics, the best campaign results can be delivered.


If you’d like to get in touch to book a workshop with our team, please reach out by sending an email to


We can personalize your knowledge session for specific topics. Contact your Programmatic Force ambassador or Amanda and Pia for more information and requests.

Please meet the ShowHeroes Programmatic Force ambassadors!


Amanda Cohrs
Global Head of Programmatic Consultancy
Hamburg, DE


Roland Divos
Global Head of Demands
Ops Western & Northern Europe.
Vienna, AT


Pia Radeler
Junior Business
Development Manager
Berlin, DE


Gabriela Prado-Lopez
BR Country Manager.


Nicklas Zohoori
Head of Programmatic Nordics.
Stockholm, SE


Heli Brewitz
Head of Programmatic.
Stockholm, SE


Rinalds Kindzulis
Global Head of Demand Ops Western & Northern Europe.
Riga, LV


Tanya Priyank
Director of International Growth.
Berlin, DE


Joel Duckett
Programmatic Video Consultant.
London, UK


Taciana Rettore
Regional Director of Adops & Programmatic.
Brazil, LATAM

Jonathan Lipoff

Jonathan Lipoff
Programmatic Sales Manager.
Paris, FR


Sabela Ruy-Diaz
Senior Commercial
Product Manager CTV.
Barcelona, ES


Manuel Octavio Jasso
Sales Manager.
Mexico, LATAM


Patty De Quintana
Junior International Business Development Manager.
Berlin, DE


Andrea Serini
Senior PMP Manager.
Milan, IT


Xinia Escribano
Sales Manager.
Madrid, ES


Alejandro Reyna
Sales Director.
Mexico, LATAM

Estefany Solares-Torres

Estefany Solares-Torres
Senior Ad-Operations Manager.
Mexico, LATAM


Amanda Lima
Sales Manager.
São Paulo, BR

Ziyoda Yokubjonova

Ziyoda Yokubjonova
Working Student BD Programmatic.
Hamburg, DE

Gabriela Romero Gonzalez

Gabriela Romero González
Working Student BD Programmatic.
Hamburg, DE