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SemanticHero, the leading semantic targeting solution for video advertising, is conquering the big screen.

Our advanced technology enables advertisers and publishers in the CTV space to deliver campaigns and monetize content more effectively, avoiding unused inventory by placing ads in the most relevant and brand safe environments possible.
Scans CTV inventory for:
EPG data
Analyzes data source for:
Important keywords
IAB categories
Semantic concepts a.k.a. the context
Places the ad:
Identifies and delivers matching ads from direct & programmatic demand sources
With its world-class semantic targeting technology, SemanticHero enables a rich and nuanced understanding of context across CTV inventory. Its AI-powered approach uses a combination of available sources, including video metadata and EPG data, to understand the full meaning of CTV content.
The data gets extracted and pulled into ShowHeroes Group’s semantic database, where smart algorithms identify the concepts and sentiment of the content, to understand the context in detail. These data-led insights are processed for CTV ad targeting that accurately matches a brand with positive, relevant content.


CTV is already well-established in the US, with 73% of CTV inventory buyers shifting their marketing budget from traditional TV to CTV this year, according to the IAB. With the use of CTV surging during the lockdown, this trend is likely to be echoed in Europe – as brands look for new ways to break through in a prime targeting environment.
More and more users are cutting the cord on linear TV. Across Europe’s five biggest markets – Germany, UK, France, Spain and Italy – more than
50% of all internet-enabled and TV households can be reached via CTV, representing
61.5M households.
Source: CTV is for everyone, SpotX, 2020:
CTV viewership is a shared experience. Most streamers watch with a partner (61%) or with children and family members (32%). Only 24% say they usually watch by themselves.
Source: Connected TV Viewership Report, SpotX, 2020:

If ads are contextually relevant 42% of CTV users are likely or very likely to view an ad to completion.
Source: Press Play: CTV and Ads, Integral Ad Science, 2020:


As a key figure in the EMEA CTV space Sarah Lewis oversees the launch of SemanticHero for CTV to deliver innovation on both the demand and supply side of digital video advertising.
“SemanticHero for CTV enables advertisers to target exactly the right context for their brand, going far beyond what’s possible with other solutions. Marketers can use it to surface their ads in the most contextually relevant environments possible, for impactful and scalable CTV campaigns. Accessing premium CTV inventory in this smart and efficient way has never been easier.”


At ShowHeroes Group we are thought leaders in video advertising with a special focus on semantic targeting technology. Grab a coffee and browse through our fine collection of blog posts and podcasts on the topic of CTV.
May 12, 2022

Understanding the ConnectedTV Experience: ShowHeroes’ Latest CTV Study

CTV combines the big screen and high impact of TV with the measurability of online advertising. It has become a major force in digital advertising, with 80% of European users preferring CTV and global CTV ad spend doubling in the last four years. However, as it’s a relatively new technology, extensive studies into user attention, behavior, and preferences haven’t yet been performed, which is where our groundbreaking research study comes in.
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March 9, 2022

ShowHeroes Launches Native CTV

Today, video is a must-have for advertisers, publishers and end-users. Viewers want relevant content and the choice to watch what they want, when they want. This is why we’re excited to launch Native CTV, our latest product for premium video content solutions for connected TV.
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December 22, 2021

Four requirements for programmatic marketing of CTV inventory

Over 70 percent of advertisers plan to increase their Connected TV (CTV) budget in 2022. This is the result of a recent study by the German Advertisers Association (Organisation Werbungtreibende im Markenverband, OWM). And no company, according to the top spenders in the German advertising industry, will reduce their CTV budget. That is an extraordinary statement. It proves: CTV is not only THE trending topic in the industry, but it will also grow steadily in the coming years. While Connected TV is already firmly established as a channel in the media mix in the USA, Germany still has a long way to go.
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December 21, 2021

The Key to ShowHeroes’ Success with Connected Television

Connected television (CTV) has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Sarah Lewis, Global Director of CTV, discusses what ShowHeroes is doing to differentiate itself in the burgeoning CTV landscape in her interview with
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December 8, 2021

Things to consider when it comes to Programmatic Advertising

Far from all online ads are effective: waste and fraud play a role in the ad market. Many of these problems are related to Programmatic Advertising. Here you can read about the different forms of fraud (including ad-arbitrage) and why a strong brand safety strategy is important.
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December 6, 2021

Connected TV Is The Next Emerging Market in Spain

The Spanish market is at an emerging point in all aspects of connected TV. A quick Q&A with Sarah Lewis, Global EMEA Director for CTV and Sales Manager Sonia Fernández.
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November 26, 2021

Connected TV and Semantics Are the Next Big Thing

Alexander Gösswein, VP Key Accounts EMEA at Criteo and initiator of the SMARTech Awards, interviewed Ilhan Zengin, founder and CEO of ShowHeroes, about the company and exciting topics such as the creation for and adaptation of video content to other and new formats such as Connected TV.
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October 12, 2021

The Evolution of Contextual and Semantic Targeting Reaches CTV

In the wake of dwindling third-party cookies, contextual and semantic targeting is becoming increasingly important. Our Global Director of Product, Data, and Machine Learning at ShowHeroes Group, Patrick Jähnichen provides his feedback on contextual targeting in CTV environments.
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October 4, 2021

SemanticHero for CTV: a targeting solution for the cookieless era

The arrival of a world without cookies by 2023 is worrisome for some players in the tech landscape. All of them? No, not those who have preferred to bet on contextual and semantic targeting from the start. ShowHeroes Group is one of these players.  Jean-Philippe Caste, Managing Director for France, finds it hard to contain his enthusiasm as he announces the launch of Semantic Hero for CTV, a market that is ready to explode.
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July 28, 2021

FRAGMENTATION – MEASUREMENT – FRAUD: The chief challenges in CTV advertising

While ad targeting and campaign optimization surpass the options of traditional TV there are still lots of obstacles to overcome in order to exploit the full potential of Connected TV as a digital advertising channel. According to eMarkter the biggest challenges advertisers face with CTV remain to be measurement, ad fraud, and planning campaigns in […]
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Bringing CTV to the next level - Together with our industry expert Sarah Lewis who recently joined as Global Director CTV, our host Amanda is digging deeper into the market’s impact of CTV in the latest episode of our PROGRAMANDA podcast.

The topics we are deep diving are:

* What are the advantages of CTV?

* What are our challenges and major market gaps?

* What will the role of CTV be in about 5 years - especially in comparison to linear TV?

* What wish would you direct towards our ecosystem in order to make CTV successful?
Moreover, Sarah is inviting us to her professional journey and is explaining what is needed to become a female leader in the male dominated adtech industry.
In this 5 minute episode Amanda introduces you to Connected TV (CTV). How does programmatic CTV work and what are the advantages of this current medium?

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