ShowHeroes introduces ShowHeroes Monetize, its content monetization and ad serving platform, to the Latin American market

Berlin, August 31st, 2022ShowHeroes Group, a leading global, independent provider of digital video solutions for advertisers and publishers, announces the introduction of its 360 degree monetization platform in the Latin American markets: ShowHeroes Monetize. The revenue-driving tool  enables publishing houses to create highly engaging, monetizable video inventory on their sites. It is built around video content delivering a full-scale broadcasting solution to online and CTV publishers.


At the heart of the group’s award-winning video-centric supply side solutions, ShowHeroes Monetize enables any web publisher to monetize content experiences online. The platform is available with white-glove management or as a self-service solution.

“With ShowHeroes Monetize, we are able to cover any publishers’ business requirements, from pure monetization setups to sophisticated content strategies, across the globe and on any screen. To date, we have already helped more than 800 large international publishers find the perfect video solution for their digital publications, adding more partners every day.”

states Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group.

“This quarter, we are launching the software in Latin America as part of the post-merger integration efforts with smartclip Latam.”

The video licensing and advertising platform Monetize is plugged into the core technologies of ShowHeroes. The extensive video library with more than 150k premium editorial video clips can be reached directly via the tool. Any type of video, be it content or advertising, is served via the omnichannel video player – state of the art owned and operated player technology by ShowHeroes. Also, AdHero, the constantly evolving holistic yield management solution, is directly integrated with the system and ensures top-notch monetization performance for Monetize across any available demand source.

“With Monetize, tapping into our large content library and adding premium video to any website, is really simple. You can even let our SemanticHero technology do the work for you and pick video clips automatically that match the content of your website.”

explains Kay Schneider, SVP Global Product & Business Development at ShowHeroes Group.

With an ever-growing database of knowledge extracted from analyzing text, audio, visuals and meta data on sites in the ShowHeroes premium publisher network, the AI-driven technology is able to identify the page’s semantic concepts and sentiment and mimic human-like understanding of the content. This is used for both: targeting purposes and matching of relevant content and ads.


A study conducted in June 2022 proved that the content playlists curated by SemanticHero generated increases in View-Through-Rate (VTR) by 15% hence stimulating a revenue increase by more than 10% when compared to campaigns where this option was deactivated. Important publishers in the region are already migrating to Monetize, such as La Nación (Argentina), Editora Abril (Brazil), TV Azteca (Mexico), Copesa (Chile) and Radio Caracol (Colombia). New clients in the region are El Comercio and Grupo RPP (Peru).

Angel Fernandez Pascual, Director Latam comments:

“The arrival of ShowHeroes Monetize in the Latam markets opens up a wide range of options for our current and future clients. Top-notch ad tech paired with premium video content creates a unique offering for advertisers to run their campaigns in highly brand safe and suitable environments that are ready for the cookie-less future. The extremely high engagement rates we are seeing in our first campaigns assure a standout performance in brand building. Publishers will have the opportunity to enlarge their instream inventory significatively with professional content and semantic targeting.”
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ShowHeroes Group is a leading global, independent provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. The company was founded by Ilhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann, and Dennis Kirschner in 2016 with headquarters in Berlin and employs more than 400 people worldwide in 28 strategic hubs throughout Europe, the Nordics, LATAM, and the US.


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