ShowHeroes Group Hits Refresh for its Publisher Tool Suite

Berlin, 7th April 2022 – ShowHeroes Group, a leading global, independent provider of digital video solutions for advertisers and publishers, announces the introduction of its revamped suite of publisher tools. The brand’s global lineup of professional-grade, video-centric supply-side solutions now rests on two major components:


1) ShowHeroes Monetize is a video licensing and advertising platform for any web publisher looking to generate ad revenues within editorial environments.


2) ShowHeroes Play is a full-featured Online Video Platform (OVP), geared towards the needs of large, professional media brands looking for a corporate solution for video asset and content management.


Between both platforms, Monetize and Play, core features are shared: the ShowHeroes video library with more than 150k premium editorial video clips can be reached via both tools. Also, ShowHeroes AdHero, the constantly evolving holistic yield management solution, is plugged into both tools and ensures top-notch monetization performance for Monetize and Play.

ShowHeroes Monetize (is replacing the original ShowHeroes Platform and) bundles a set of effective features to easily add video content to any website, creating highly engaging, monetizable video inventory. The platform is available with white-glove management or as a self-service solution.


“With Monetize, tapping into our large content database and adding premium video to any website, is really simple. You can even let our SemanticHero technology do the work for you and pick video clips automatically that match the content of your website.” explains Dr. Patrick Jähnichen, Global Director Product, Data and Machine Learning at ShowHeroes Group, who oversees the composition of the ShowHeroes product portfolio. “Switch over to the reporting section, and watch your revenues grow in real-time.”


ShowHeroes Play offers distinct features like advanced video content syndication across multiple entities and organizations, industry-leading live streaming functionalities, an SVOD-ready player to set up pay-per-view revenue streams as well as granular user access management catering to widespread teams. ShowHeroes Play supports editors, newsrooms, and publishers at large in their day-to-day workflows.


“ShowHeroes Play builds on the former YouPlay platform which was integrated into the company's product portfolio through the PlayAd acquisition. The software, which has become a corporate solution for video asset and content management in hundreds of media companies, is now being rolled out globally as part of the post-merger integration efforts,”

reveals Niklas Malmborg, Head of Publishing Nordics at ShowHeroes Group.

ShowHeroes Play comes with extensive options for tagging and searching through large databases of video content, as well as advanced business intelligence tools for monitoring content performance, enabling editorial teams and video journalists to make strategic decisions and create the best content for their audiences. The video player is SVOD-ready to set up pay-per-view revenue streams.

“Between ShowHeroes Monetize and Play, we are able to cover any publishers’ business requirements, from pure monetization setups to sophisticated content strategies, across the globe and on any screen. To date, we have already helped more than 800 large international publishers find the perfect video solution for their digital publications, adding more partners every day.”

says Kay Schneider, Senior Vice President at ShowHeroes Group.

Take a look at ShowHeroes Monetize and ShowHeroes Play