ShowHeroes and Merkle (a Dentsu company) demonstrate the power of contextual targeting for "BlueMovement"

ShowHeroes and Merkle (a Dentsu company) demonstrate the power of contextual targeting for “BlueMovement”

Amsterdam, August 15, 2023: ShowHeroes teamed up with Merkle and BlueMovement to execute a contextual targeting campaign for home appliance rental. Using custom designed videos to increase brand awareness and likeability in the Dutch market to break through the competitive barrier.


With more and more people being conscious about purchasing decisions in general and especially when it comes to sustainable options, and more and more people moving house, the home appliance rental market in the Netherlands is growing and renting appliances is becoming increasingly popular. This is also evidenced by the availability of several market players in the Netherlands offering similar services to their customers. Time to break the barrier and position “BlueMovement” in the Netherlands to increase brand awareness and recognition. For this purpose, ShowHeroes, and Merkle (a Dentsu company) decided to run a campaign in June to test the power of contextual advertising and its impact on brand perception. Therefore, with an eye on the future and disappearance of first-party cookies, a contextual campaign was implemented with the goal of increasing brand recognition, unique reach and total video views.


To assess the actual results, an external brand elevator survey with Appinio and 500 participants was conducted parallel to the campaign to test exposed and non-exposed responses to the ad for “BlueMovement.”


The results speak for themselves.

  • View-Through rate (VTR) of over 65%, indicating that a significant portion of the target audience fully viewed the ad.
  • Click-Through rate (CTR) was 0.54%, reflecting good engagement from those who saw the ad and clicked on it.
  • Viewability reached 66%, indicating that the ad was highly visible.


In addition, the brand recognition survey showed that scores for “BlueMovement” were well above benchmarks compared to other brands with similar brand recognition in the market. Brand recognition was increased by 10% compared to the control group in the study and in addition, brand awareness increased by 81%. Finally, not only did overall awareness improve, but also brand consideration and positive brand perception. In the group considering renting home appliances, there was a positive uplift from 9.7% before seeing the ad to 21.2% after seeing the ad.


“We are very pleased with the overall results of the branding campaign for BlueMovement, as together with ShowHeroes we managed to deliver the best video creatives and apply contextual targeting in a brand safe environment. Throughout the campaign, we optimized between creatives, viewability, videos watched, and to the best performing contextual segments. We were able to achieve the biggest uplift in performance and brand awareness within the contextual strategy, increasing the incremental reach for BlueMovement. as well as our impact within the Dutch market.” says Roos van Ginkel, Display & Social Consultant at Merkle (a Dentsu company)


“For us, semantic targeting is key when it comes to improving the KPIs of our clients’ campaigns. We always strive to deliver the best results for our clients in a relevant environment. Our network of premium publishers, with the strength of our video player, makes that possible and ensures that the client’s ad is displayed where the consumer’s attention is greatest,” says Davey Borhem, Senior Sales Manager at ShowHeroes.