ShowHeroes ESG Activities: Food Packing in Berlin

It’s easy to take access to food for granted, but for many, it’s unfortunately a luxury. Thankfully, selfless organizations exist to combat that. As part of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, the ShowHeroes Berlin team went on a trip to help sort and pack food waste in one of the city’s surplus food redistribution centers.


Each day, thousands of kilograms of food that’s unsold or over-produced is earmarked as waste, unless it’s rescued by organizations like Berliner Tafel. Since 1993, their employees and volunteers have been tirelessly distributing surplus food to the city’s homeless.


The ShowHeroes team found it to be hard, humbling, and deeply rewarding work. “It was very impactful,” said Keltie Kapalka, ESG Manager at ShowHeroes Group. “Experiencing the amount of food that’s wasted each day and how many people are in dire need of it was really eye-opening.”


“The act of packaging food, which is immediately handed over to those in need, filled me not only with genuine joy but also deepened my understanding and appreciation for these fundamental resources,” said Houssam T. Hotait, Certified Compliance & Integrity Manager at ShowHeroes Group. “It compelled me to reflect on my own behavior toward food. The experience at the Berliner Tafel unveiled the immense significance of voluntary commitment, even when it remains hidden from the eyes of mainstream society.”

The trip was organized in partnership with Alaya, a workplace purpose platform that encourages mindfulness and direct action in workplaces for the good of the planet. Thanks to Alaya, each SHG employee is encouraged to use one day per quarter to volunteer their time for various organizations worldwide. That’s led our Heroes to clean up a river and plant trees, with more to come…


ShowHeroes Group strives to balance profit with care for the planet and its people, inviting all our Heroes and partners to set an example for the digital advertising industry to follow.


We’ve outlined our ESG initiatives and goals in our Better Media framework.


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