Boost your CTV strategy with our latest report: Why CTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy

As every brand and advertiser knows, video advertising has long been a key medium for communicating with our audiences, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever been a static field. As technologies for video communication have evolved, video advertising paradigms have changed along with them.


The recent explosion of ConnectedTV (CTV) has ushered in the next major step forward for video advertising.


CTV combines the big screen and high impact of TV with the measurability of online advertising. It has become a major force in digital advertising:


  • 80% of European users prefer CTV
  • 59% of Brazilian users prefer CTV
  • 66% of Spanish-speaking LATAM users prefer CTV
  • Global ad spend has doubled in the last four years


However, as it’s a relatively new technology, extensive studies into user attention, behavior, and preferences haven’t yet been performed, which is where our groundbreaking research study comes in.


In addition to our study focusing on European markets, we now have new versions of our study that contain data on CTV usage across Latin America, available in Spanish or Portuguese!


Here’s a little about what you’ll learn from our CTV study
The Science Behind CTV Measurement and Audience Behavior

Not being content with anything less than a deep, scientific study into CTV, we commissioned COG Research, an independent market research agency capable of revealing insights into not only conscious preferences but subconscious behaviors as well.


State-of-the-art eye-tracking technology combined with electrodermal response measurement has revealed what viewers are looking at when watching CTV, for how long, and even how engaged their minds are while watching.


Combining that research into the subconscious with qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey spanning seven country-wide markets has given us, for the first time, a clear picture of CTV’s advertising potential. The results are exciting.

Supercharge Your CTV Strategy

While we can’t summarize the study’s many results, comparisons, and analysis in one paragraph – you’ll have to get your free download for the full breakdown – we can share a few of the notable results:


  • The average attention rate for CTV is 82%, up against 42% for social video.
  • Viewers have an average attention length of 12.2 seconds for CTV.
  • 71% of viewers’ time is spent in the “engagement zone” during CTV ad breaks.


If that piques your interest, there are many more stats to check out along with detailed analyses, comparisons between CTV delivery mechanisms, insights from Europe’s Top 7 regional markets, insights from various Latin American markets, and more.


For additional information, read our official press release here.

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