An interview with Fritz Strobl, ShowHeroes Business Development

Following his keynote speech at Austria’s recent JETZT Summit, ShowHeroes Business Development Manager Fritz Strobl spoke with Internet World on contextual advertising in the post-cookie era. There have been many developments with cookieless solutions and both advertisers and agencies are working to adopt and test alternatives, whether it’s Net-ID solutions or first-party data generation. ShowHeroes has been dedicated to the topic of contextual targeting since it was founded and is one of the pioneers working on this hot topic.


Read Fritz’s original interview in German.


Which key insights will the participants be able to take away from your keynote?

I would like to inspire the participants with the factually verifiable advantages of context-based targeting, with cases, and of course with insights into how ShowHeroes is working on this topic.


What do you think is the fascinating thing about contextual advertising?

The fascination lies simply and clearly in the fact that users react much more attentively and positively to advertising when it is placed and played out in the right environment. This approach, which is further supported in the ShowHeroes mechanics by suitable Matched Content Videos, demonstrably brings better results in campaigns than a playout based on pure assumptions.


And what do you think are the biggest misunderstandings in this context?

When it comes to contextual targeting, most people “only” think of keywords. The theme is much more advanced and relies on semantic concepts. Here, too, I will show a case to clarify what exactly the difference is and what importance this topic has.


Which forward-looking trends do you think will have a lasting impact on contextual advertising?

The importance of contextual will visibly increase due to the elimination of third-party cookies and since big players like Google are also relying on “Topics”, which at the end of the day is also an upgrade of the topic of contextual control, to get content in front of the right audience at the right time.


What do you think of the idea of ​​holding the JETZT SUMMIT?

The JEZT SUMMIT is of course a fixed point for me personally and also for us as a company and should be high on the agenda for every advertiser and person in the digital field in the Austrian market, especially in these times of major upheavals in the digital media landscape.

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