PlayAd Media by ShowHeroes Group Rebrands as ShowHeroes

Post-merger creative team launches rebrand of the ShowHeroes Group

ShowHeroes Group has completed its post-merger integration with PlayAd Media Group, the largest independent leader of digital and online video solutions in the Nordics.


PlayAd will now officially operate as the premium brand ShowHeroes with its in-house video platform, YouPlay, as well as all other creative formats, being offered in the ShowHeroes product portfolio.


Marc Schäfer, SVP Nordics:

“Transitioning into ShowHeroes, as well as the rebranding of the whole Group, just felt like the next natural step to roll out our products on a global level and to extend our portfolio throughout our local markets. This marks an important step for our market position in the Nordics and for ShowHeroes Group at the same time, striving to become the global leader in video solutions for digital advertisers and publishers. As ShowHeroes, we provide publishers with valuable content, innovative technology, and sustainable monetization solutions whilst creating a brand-boosting and engaging environment for advertisers.”

Marc sums up our integration process nicely in this video.

Following the acquisition of PlayAd Media Group in November 2021, we’ve worked hard over the past two months to combine forces. Everything you are used to and have come to rely on, will not only stay but actually grow into something bigger. The PlayAd technologies, innovations, as well as its product portfolio will stay and be rolled-out into all 20 markets of ShowHeroes Group.


Incorporating PlayAd within the ShowHeroes Group and operating under the company’s premium brand ShowHeroes marks the next important step of this integration process.


Reciprocally, the Nordic markets will get access to ShowHeroes portfolio of contextual instream video and CTV solutions, thereby opening new global revenue streams. Through the merger, ShowHeroes will be able to offer the most effective and reliable video solutions in the Nordics, both in terms of visibility and format innovation, as well as continue to provide a trusted, brand-safe environment.


As part of the post-merger integration efforts, our design departments have merged and are led by former PlayAd Media Group co-founder, Patrik Andren, now Global Creative Director of ShowHeroes Group.


Andren and his team have taken the first important steps to lead the redesign of the entire ShowHeroes Group portfolio which will be rolled out across all channels in the next weeks. Check out our teaser video!

ShowHeroes Group Founder and CEO Ilhan Zengin comments,

“The acquisition of PlayAd was a strategically important step for us and the missing piece of the puzzle to become the European leader for video solutions in our industry. The expertise that the team in the Nordics brings to the table will be a critical asset to further roll-out ShowHeroes as our premium brand on a global scale. Moreover, we are excited to wrap the company in new robes, being properly dressed for our continuous journey across the globe.”

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