November 26, 2021

Connected TV and Semantics Are the Next Big Thing

An interview with Ilhan Zengin

ShowHeroes already won the SMARTech Award (Criteo Performance Marketing Award) as best start-up in 2016. Based in Berlin and Riga, the company is Europe's leading provider of video solutions for publishers and advertisers and has grown from ten to 300 employees around the world since its founding in 2016.

Alexander Gösswein, VP Key Accounts EMEA at Criteo and initiator of the SMARTech Awards, interviewed Ilhan Zengin, founder and CEO of ShowHeroes, about the company and exciting topics such as the creation for and adaptation of video content to other and new formats such as Connected TV. Zengin is convinced that CTV and Semantic in particular are the two "next big things" of 2022. This is because demand continues to rise sharply.

Ilhan Zengin on...

... the booming digital video market in the social media universe

"As a company, we operate outside these platforms. That is also an intrinsic part of our pitches. We say that platforms are one thing, but you also need a world outside these oligopolies to be able to evaluate the content or reach more autonomously. And on the other hand, to be able to maintain a counterweight in the market."

... advertisers who do not use advertising with moving image content

"With advertisers, there is always a question: do they need video content? If so, then there is the option of working with a good agency. You should set up a strategy that is conceptually covering all channels, including the video/moving image channel, but also respecting the individual channels in each case. These include social, mobile video, online video, or connected TV. In addition, you should work with marketers like ShowHeroes that offer the opportunity to go beyond targeting and adapt existing assets to address the specific target groups and channels. This allows them to improve the KPIs for a campaign in a way that realizes the objectives."

... the modification of content for each corresponding channel

"Basically, of course, you don't have to. But I definitely recommend it. In fact, these are always the same target groups, even if most of the time they are new generations. However, one has to take into account that there are always other scenarios and other content that are being communicated. And you have to take that into account. That's why it's also important to optimize the assets across devices. Every marketer should have understood this by now. That's the only way to get the most out of your communication."

... the use of Connected TV

"At the moment, it's mainly about how I can move TV to digital TV. Or how can I move online video to digital TV? It's interesting what's happening right now. Especially in Germany, TV budgets are focused on connected TV. So online video budgets are currently going more to the big screen because the planners and clients are saying that it is also a digital channel. This makes it easier for them to switch to Connected TV, where the screen is bigger. In consequence, there will be no more linear TV, so everything will be on Connected OTT (over-the-top content). To be exact, the question of adapting the content arises again: Should a linear spot be shown on Connected TV formats? No, of course not. Should a moving image spot from the Internet (out-stream, instream, social, etc.) be shown 1:1 on Connected TV? Well, sure, you can, but it's just not ideal."

... the size of Connected TV

"You can now reach every second household in Europe with Connected TV. It has arrived in the mass market. You can reach all target groups. Of course, there is a clustering of users in certain age groups. For example, you reach over 90 percent of those under 21." 

... ShowHeroes' percentage of sales with Connected TV

"We only came out with it in August 2021. We are hoping to achieve five to seven million euros in sales this year through Connected TV. These are sales for which we didn't have to do much. It has come from a need in the market. In OTT/CTV, we are completely sold out in Germany. The demand in Q4 is stronger than ever before."

... the next big thing

"We can just pick up where we left off this year. Connected TV and Semantic continue to be the next big thing. Semantic is big because of the "death of the third party cookie" issue we all know about. In addition, Contextual in combination with Connected TV will be the next big thing. These are the growth topics for us over the next one to two years. “

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