October 13, 2021

ShowHeroes Group: What we stand for

Our core values

Values are characteristics and ideals that apply to us and by which we act. At ShowHeroes Group all employees share 11 fundamental corporate values. They are the compass that guides us in everything we do. They are part of our DNA, they give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, they form the roots of our corporate culture and define our character.

We are bold, innovative, creative and passionate. We are constantly striving to find better ways and new solutions to get things done and to bring out the best in ourselves and others. With our core values we have created a nurturing environment where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.

Our 11 ShowHeroes Group values include:

1. We love video

The single most meaningful and important medium of our century. It offers endless room for creative, visual communication and continues to shape the way humans share information and entertainment.

2. We play to win

Approaching business with a competitive mindset, we aim to set industry benchmarks and expand our leadership in the field of video solutions.

3. We take ownership

and hold ourselves accountable in a culture of transparency, out of respect for each other and the resources we share.

4. We work smart and strive to innovate

aiming for simple, elegant solutions to the various challenges in the digital ecosystem, driven by the power of data and our technology. 

5. We take action and deliver results

always moving forward, swiftly and continuously refining our ideas with a hands-on approach.

6. We are dedicated to the success of our clients & partners

seeking delivery of optimal results and quality of service, to support them in achieving their ambitious goals.

7. We are dedicated to end users

delivering relevant, entertaining and engaging video experiences, while respecting their privacy.

8. We are mindful of the impact of our actions

acknowledging our social and ecological responsibilities at all times. We strive for an efficient use of all resources and the preservation of a free and educated society.

9. We treat everyone equally

embracing diversity in all of its facets and considering it a key ingredient to being successful as a team.

10. We speak up

to voice our opinion on subjects that matter to us. We foster a culture that welcomes different opinions, encourages constructive feedback and nourishes productive discourse.

11. We maintain a family spirit

watching out for each other, elevating and empowering each other professionally.

Do these values speak to you? Do you want to make an impact and be inspired by an awesome community of diverse professionals? If so, check out our open positions at:


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