May 11, 2021

ShowHeroes launches new Interactive Video Formats

Today, we are introducing the new ShowHeroes Interactive Video Formats.

ShowHeroes has created an entire set of five new solutions that enable our clients to leverage ShowHeroes premium instream inventory in order to create more benefits across a wider range of cases.

While ShowHeroes’ existing InStream Video Ad and Branded Player Ad have become a mainstay of successful video advertising, our Dynamic Frame Ad, L-Shaped Ad, Story Ad, Shoppable Video Ad and Lead Gen Ad open up endless possibilities for even more creative campaigns and added value for our partners.

Focusing on rich media experience and user interaction, these new solutions allow for personalized messages, at every step of the customer journey. 

Combined with ShowHeroes’ market leading capabilities in semantic matching and contextual relevance, they become the most powerful tool to represent brand communications across our diverse portfolio of international premium publishers.

Check the showroom pages on for live demos and get in touch with us directly for a short presentation of the new formats.

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