3 Reasons Why Publishers Should Monetize Their Content Through Video

Video is the future. This year already video accounts for 82% of all internet traffic. It is here to stay.


So if you own a website with fine curated content and a loyal community of readers make sure that you are not missing out on yield potential by turning a blind eye to video advertising. Let’s have a look at the 3 main reasons why you should integrate video ad units to your website.

Mobile users are in love with video

The digital world puts mobile first so optimizing your page for smartphones should be a no-brainer. You have probably seen the share of mobile users on your content rise steadily. The good thing is: so many mobile users love videos as they fit their rather short attention spans perfectly. And as mobile phones are getting bigger and faster they are also more conducive to video advertising.


Mobile video ads have the reputation of being the most convenient option for marketing a product or service. Brands get a great chance to promote their offers with short and catchy clips. By providing the advertising space you as a publisher will benefit from the comparably high engagement rates.

Videos will diversify your ad revenues

A common problem which may result in low ad revenues on your website is banner blindness. Users have become unconsciously resistant – especially to banners or display ads. Ad blockers have sold their liberating promises for 20 years and they are still used by a fair amount of people as a report by AudienceProject reveals: Even though the numbers are declining still 48% of Germans use ad blockers and 36% of UK citizens.


Video solves the problem as it is less prone to ad blocking and a more engaging advertising medium. But keep in mind to curate the formats and density of your ad units wisely to prevent users from being overwhelmed by the amount of ads on your site.


As for ad revenues you will benefit from the comparably high CPMs that advertisers are willing to pay to reach their audiences. Video inventory – especially premium – is more scarce than display and that is what drives CPMs which is a significant advantage for your content monetization.

Digital video ad spend is on the rise

Year by year records in ad spend are chasing each other in the digital advertising industry. Numbers available at Statista on video ad spending in the US market increased from $8.9 billion in 2017 to $10.2 billion in 2019. That number is expected to reach as high as $12.7 billion by 2024. Mobile is one of the key drivers in this matter as well as the ongoing shift of ad spent from traditional mediums to the digital world.

How to monetize your content with video ads

Viralize is our self service platform for content monetization with a special focus on non-intrusive video ad formats which allow readers to stay engaged with your page content. The setup is easy and fast: After you signed up for the Viralize platform you only need to insert a tag and you are all set to watch your revenues grow.



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